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TV i.e. television is still the main source of family entertainment worldwide. Popularity of TV increased rapidly after invention of color TV in 1950s. CRT televisions have bocome obsolute. Now popular TV models use LCD, LED, OLED technologies. Plasma display panel (PDP) is common for large TV displays 30 inches or larger. Some people thought popularity of TV will diminish with the growth of internet but that proved as wrong idea. People still like TVs more than internet for family entertainment.
Factors to consider for making TV purchase decision:

Top 10 best Television Brands are Samsung, Sony, LG Electronics, Panasonic, TCL, Hisense, Skyworth, Toshiba, Sharp, Vizio etc.
CRT televisions are now obsolute. LCD and LED TVs are available in the market. For small size TVs, performance and picture quality of LED is better. But for big size TVs, still LCD is dominating the market. OLED televisions are also available in the market.
Smart TVs are becoming popular day by day which provide an easy way of connecting TV to the internet. Thus online video streaming is possible to smart TV screen. Some popular smart TV models are Samsung QN90A QLED, LG C1 OLED, HISENSE U8G, TCL 5 SERIES/S535 2020 QLED, Sony A80J OLED etc.
TV Channels are still very popular despite growing popularity of the OTP video streaming services like Netflix. Some nationwide popular television networks are CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox Broadcasting, Fox News, ESPN, MSNBC, Ion Television, Home & Garden Television, Univision etc. Television, as a medium of mass communication, has had many influences on society since its inception. The advantages of Television include: entertainment, getting latest news, learining new skills, family time pass, health awareness and education, learing foreign languages, development of personality etc.

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