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Hisense EN2A27 LED TV Remote Control 55H6B
Click here to see Customer Reviews.

Click here to see Customer Reviews.
List Price: $14.50 Lowest price: New $5.01 Used $8.40
~ Part Number: EN2827S
~ Compatible Models: LC50N7000U LC50N6000U LC50N7000U LC55N6000U LC60N5100U LC55N7000U LC65N5200U LC65N7000U LC55N620CU LC43N6100U LC50N5000U LC43N610CU LC43N6100U LC43N7000U LC55N5300U LC60N6200U LC60N7000U LC65N9000U LC75N8000U LC43N610CU LC75N620CU LC40N5000U

Hisense EN2A27 LED TV Remote Control. Works for the following models: 55H6B, 50H7GB

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